Poker has many different game plays

There are many different poker games that are played all around the world. Most poker games played online allow the player to join other online players for higher stake and more challenging games.

The past two years saw the revamping and rise of many a new online poker site offering a host of different poker games for poker enthusiasts and or online gamblersto enjoy

5 Popular online poker games played worldwide

#1 Texas Hold’em
This is the most popular game of poker to-date is basically played both online and in live poker tournaments.

The players are each dealt two “hole” cards that are face down and then they have to use another face from the community cards which are face up. The winning players has the best five card hand.

#2 Seven card stud
Seven card stud was once the most popular and preferred poker game before the online poker scene came to be.

The players get dealt two cards that face down and one card that faces up, the player that has the lowest card that is facing up gets to start the betting, after each bet the players get dealt a face-up card until they get the seventh with is dealt face down.

#3 Five card draw
This is one of the most simple games of poker and is a great start for any new poker player to learn with.

Each player is dealt five face down cards and are able to draw from pack as they put one or more of their cards back into the deck at the bottom of it.

Betting is done after each draw and the winner is the player with the best five card hand.

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#4 Omaha
Pot limit Omaha cash games are popular online and in live poker tours, here players are not allowed to bet an amount over the what is already in the pot.

The rules and game are similar to Texas Hold’em but you get four cards instead of the two.

#5 Razz
Each player is dealt seven cards with the seventh card and the first two cards are face down.

In this game it is what is known as a “low-ball” games meaning the lowest hand wins the pot.

This game is one of the bracelet games in world series poker


Practice responsible gaming and always ensure the site you are playing on is governed by the proper authorities and are legitimate sites.

A quick search online of the site you are wanting to play on will give you a good overview about the site. More details you find under

5 Of the most popular online poker games played from around the world

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