Taking the first foreign language course

If you are wanting to learn a language and have only ever spoken or learned your home language or maybe even a second common language that is spoken around you. You don’t want to dive straight in and start learning one of the most complex languages like Mandarin or Japanese. It is best to first try one of the more simpler languages to master.

5 Of the easiest languages to learn

#1 Spanish
One of the most widely used languages in the world and it also ranks as one of the easiest languages to learn.
This language has what is known as a shallow orthographic meaning that the words are mostly pronounced as they are written.

Reading, writing and speaking Spanish is overall easy to accomplish that is not to say you can master it overnight as everything takes practice.

#2 French
French is another widely used language that can be found in a lot of places around the world.

Though not as easy as Spanish to master as a lot of English words are derived from French words making a lot of the French vocabulary similar to that of English.

But this languages pronunciation can be a bit tricky as it has silent letters and substantially different sounding vowels

#3 Italian
This is supposedly one of the most romantic languages of love because of the rhythmic way that most sentences end with vowels.

Its Latin based vocabulary make it similar to a few European languages that are derived from Latin giving it a lot of similarities to English words such as forest is foresta, etc.

As with Spanish this language is mostly spoken as it is written.

#4 Portuguese
This language has become popular over the last few years with the boom of the Brazilian economy.

It is a very expressive language that uses a lot of nasal based sounds some of which make the pronunciation of this language a little difficult at times.

#5 German
Where Portuguese is more expressive German is a very descriptive language that has very guttural sounding words, similar to those in Dutch, which if you are not used to makes it quite a tongue work out.

It also has a lot of four noun endings with rough pronunciations and some very long words.


In order to correctly speak any language is helps to find someone that knows the language and is fluent in reading, writing and speaking it.

When you are with them try using only the language you are learning when conversing with each other this will help you better understand and be able to translate it.

info2 - The 5 Easiest languages to learn for a beginner
Infographic by: daytranslations.com
The 5 Easiest languages to learn for a beginner

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