The many languages spoken around the world

There are many languages spoken around the world, some more widely used than others and if you are looking to be a translator it is always good to have some of them as one of your spoken languages.

The top 5 widely used languages in the world

#1 Chinese
With over one-billions speakers of Chines this makes it the most widely used language in the world.
Being a language that uses Logograms and is a tonal language it is not that simple to learn but well worth if you can.

#2 Spanish
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and is big throughout Southern, Central and also Northern America.

It is also has strong roots in Spain and is a language to open many continents to the learner.

#3 English
English dominates the globe as one of the language superpowers whereby if people do not use it a first language most learn it as a second one.
#4 Hindi
This language is mainly spoked in parts of Pakistan and northern India and uses denarii scripts. With words such as shampoo, jungle and bungalow deriving from it.

Even learning a few words to help get you by if your are travelling to India will go a long way with the locals who seem to genuinely respect the fact that you are trying to converse with them in their own language.

#5 Arabic
Although this language is used by over two-hundred and fifty million speakers it has many different forms or dialects.

Speakers in one part of the world may have a completely different dialect to those from another part.


If you are going to travel to various countries around the world that do not speak your home language it is always wise to download one of the many useful language tools available across mobile platforms these days.

There are also numerous good books and or dictionaries in case you have no signal where you are or for some reason you no longer have access to your mobile device.

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The 5 most widely used languages in the world

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