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This personalized language learning system can be downloaded for free. It is available in 70 different languages and includes tools to help people permanently memorize vocabulary words and phrases.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Desktop software, online applications, free content, articles, and games
Added on:02/05/2012
Language:DE, FR, AF, SQ, AR, HY, AZ, BA, BE, BN, BS, BG, and many more
Target:Adult learners
Requires additional equipment:Desktop software
Availability:Express version for free
Where to find:


Short description

This programme has a free of charge section as well as a fee-paying (Premium) section. The free section offers only limited, one-sided vocabulary work based on the set units, the reading of dialogues, multiple choice exercises and the writing of passages from descriptions/stories on different themes. In the Premium section you can listen to the dialogues, create interactive dialogues and record yourself speaking. In neither section are there any grammar explanations.

Usage in the language-class

One can use this tool as part of one’s homestudy (for the practising of vocabulary indroduced in the lessons).

Name and contact-information of the evaluator

Svetlana Lindl,

Please download the full evaluation of the tool here: Byki.pdf

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