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Are you a language teacher and looking for inspiration and support when preparing your lessons? The web offers a number of tools that can be used to enhance the learning experience inside and outside the classroom. They offer a wide range of teaching resources ready to use or easy to adapt. Some of them were selected here for you.

English Grammar Online

EGO4U is mainly an online tool for practicing grammar, but it also contains a dictionary, a section on vocabulary training, as well as a reading and writing section. It primarily focuses on everyday English, but you also find a section on business English. EGO4U contains a separate section for teachers.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Grammar, dictionary, vocabulary training, reading and writing section Added on:18/05/2012
Language:English Target:Teachers and learners

This website offers a complete language course in Portuguese after which, according to the operators, the user will have learnt enough Portuguese to be able follow a conversation or communicate with Portuguese native speakers. It is also possible to write/design your own Portuguese worksheets which could be given to students for e-homework.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Audio examples, vocabulary trainer, exercises, tests on-line Added on:18/05/2012
Language:Portuguese Target:Teachers and learners
Deutsche Welle

With the on-line tool - “Deutsche Welle”- German can be learnt through e-learning, video clips, audio courses, podcasts (downloadable) as well as through printable texts and worksheets. The offer ranges from courses for beginners to advanced learners (A1-C2 levels of the CEFR). The multi-media material is also meant for DAF/DAZ teachers (German as a foreign language/ second language) for use in classroom lessons (e.g. interactive German).

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:E-learning, video clips, audio courses, podcasts (downloadable), printable texts and worksheets Added on:18/05/2012
Language:German Target:Teachers and learners
Sprachtraining für Fachunterricht und Beruf

This tool provides additional material to a book by Udo Ohm, Christina Kuhn and Hermann Funk called Sprachtraining für Fachunterricht und Beruf. Fachtexte knacken – mit Fachsprache arbeiten (Language training for specific  professions; crack specialized texts -  working with technical jargon), 2007, FörMig 2nd Edition, 192 pages, € 19,90 (ISBN 978-3-8309-1744-1)

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Additional material to a book Added on:13/05/2012
Language:German Target:Teanagers, adults (Advanced)

Podclub is an internet website which is operated by the Swiss Language School: Migros.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Teacher’s resource site Added on:13/05/2012
Language:German, French and Italian Target:Teachers

Iluss Educational provides a large collection of language tools & resources for teachers, learners and academics interested in the Italian language.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Dictionary, Vocab – trainer, Information-system, Additional material, Co-operative learning Added on:13/05/2012
Language:Italian Target:Teenagers, adults

You can learn Hungarian in these 12 modules. You are able to choose the order in which you do the modules. Feedback, whether your answers are right or wrong, is immediate if required/wished.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Dictionary, Vocab-trainer, Drill & practice, Information-system, Dictionary and conversations with correct pronunciation, Grammar exercises Added on:13/05/2012
Language:Hungarian Target:Teachers and learners
Website Cervantes Institute

The Cervantes Institute is a Spanish institution which encourages the learning of the Spanish language and strives to promote Spanish culture of all Spanish-speaking countries. The headquarters are in Madrid. The institute has 67 centres in 40 countries. The website is extensive and there are many links to other sub-sites of the Cervantes.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Information-system, additional material, co-operative learning Added on:09/05/2012
Language:Spanish Target:Adults
Randall’s ESL cyber listening lab

Randall’s ESL cyber listening lab is a free listening website for English learners, from basic to advanced level and also a teacher’s resource site.

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Listening activities, Tutorial Added on:07/05/2012
Language:English Target:Teachers and learners
English club

English Club has a very comprehensive website for both learners and teachers of English where one finds lessons and resources to help improve one’s English skills (exercises and activities, lessons, fun pages like games, videos, quizzes and chat, etc.).

An evaluation of this language tool is available.

Type:Lesson plans, printable worksheets for conversation, grammar or vocabulary activities, teacher forum Added on:04/05/2012
Language:English Target:ESL and EFL teachers
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