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09/09/2013 Netherlands Netherlands

Over doekoe en roti: het Nederlands in Suriname

Tot nu toe was er nauwelijks iets bekend over de ontwikkeling die het Nederlands in Suriname doormaakte vanaf de zeventiende eeuw. Het pas verschenen ‘Woordenboek van het Nederlands in Suriname van 1667 tot 1876’ brengt daar verandering in. De woorden werden verzameld door de overleden bioloog Jan van Donselaar. Nicoline van der Sijs legde de laatste hand aan deze uitgave.

09/09/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Foreign doctors face language tests

The General Medical Council (GMC) could be given new powers to test the English language skills of doctors arriving from Europe.

09/09/2013 Malaysia Malaysia

Asian academia faces language block

The debate over the teaching of the English language continues, not only in Malaysia but also in many other countries across the world. While the form and content of the debate has been shaped by domestic political considerations and agendas, there are some pressing realities that we cannot escape from; and one of them is the simple fact that English remains the most commonly used language in global academic circles.

06/09/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Reviving languages: Generation monoglot

As the new term starts across England, schools are chewing over this summer’s results in the 16-plus exams. One trend is clear—the coalition’s emphasis on pupils achieving five core academic subjects, including a language, in its new EBACC (English Baccalaureate) qualification has raised the number of candidates taking language exams.

05/09/2013 China China

400 Million Chinese can't speak national language in China

More than 400 million Chinese are unable to speak the national language Mandarin, and large numbers in the rest of the country speak it badly, state media said on Thursday as the government launched another push for linguistic unity.

05/09/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

How does English sound to foreign ears?

As English speakers, we are among the laziest linguists in the world, waiting for everyone else to talk like us. But how do we sound to foreign ears?

04/09/2013 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has chosen: English first, Russian later

President Islam Karimov’s latest education decree mandates that English classes start in the first grade, with Russian classes starting in the second. In a country that has just celebrated twenty-two years of independence from the Soviet Union, schools are mostly taught in Uzbek – with English and Russian considered foreign languages.

04/09/2013 China China

Language, culture disparities keep Chinese literature from going abroad

A contest to translate contemporary Chinese literature has been launched amid concerns that language and cultural disparities have crippled China's literature from going overseas.

04/09/2013 United States United States

Study: Human babies speak lemur but only for a few months

The researchers propose that the learning response in babies may be evolutionary and that language and learning have a non-human origin based on the experimental results.

04/09/2013 Italy Italy

Vigili urbani a lezione di inglese

Informazioni ai turisti, soccorso e aiuto a stranieri, farsi capire e comprendere una lingua straniera non sarà più un miraggio. Il Comune dà avvio ad programma di formazione ed aggiornamento con corsi di lingua inglese per tutto il personale comunale, partendo dai vigili urbani.

03/09/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Language and Tool-Making Skills Evolved at the Same Time

Research by the University of Liverpool has found that the same brain activity is used for language production and making complex tools, supporting the theory that they evolved at the same time.

03/09/2013 Germany Germany

Französisch ist nicht meine Muttersprache

Zwei interessante Umfragen zur Sprachenfrage gab es bei in den vergangenen Monaten: Am 27. April fragte die Redaktion, welche Sprache man am häufigsten im Alltag gebraucht. Die Antwort war eindeutig: 74 Prozent Luxemburgisch, an zweiter Stelle Deutsch mit elf Prozent. Alle anderen Sprachen lagen abgeschlagen dahinter.

03/09/2013 Spain Spain

Un proyecto europeo ayudará a las pymes exportadoras catalanas a superar barreras lingüísticas

La Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona y FemCAT implementarán el proyecto europeo PROMES (Promoting Multilingualism in exporting Smes by Communication Auditing) para ayudar pymes exportadoras catalanas a superar barreras lingüísticas y culturales.

03/09/2013 Canada Canada

L'âge de l'apprentissage d'une deuxième langue, déterminant pour le cerveau

L'âge auquel un enfant apprend une deuxième langue aurait un effet important sur la structure de son cerveau adulte, montre une étude conjointe menée par le Neuro de l'Université McGill et l'Université Oxford.

03/09/2013 India India

We are talking more using fewer words

People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), the first survey of living Indian languages as people perceive them, conducted by the communities themselves, will be released on September 5. The 780 languages revealed are in stark contrast to the 2001 Census figure of 122 languages, following a 40-year policy of omitting languages with less than 10,000 speakers.

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