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03/09/2013 India India

We are talking more using fewer words

People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), the first survey of living Indian languages as people perceive them, conducted by the communities themselves, will be released on September 5. The 780 languages revealed are in stark contrast to the 2001 Census figure of 122 languages, following a 40-year policy of omitting languages with less than 10,000 speakers.

03/09/2013 United States United States

Options for learning a second language

In the global economy, speaking more than one language can be a big advantage. It can be a valuable asset in getting a job, maybe more than going back to school to acquire a degree.

02/09/2013 United States United States

Changing your brain by learning other languages at various ages

The majority of people in the world learn to speak more than one language during their lifetime: "Learning a new language alters brain development." Many do so with great proficiency particularly if the languages are learned simultaneously or from early in development.

30/08/2013 Spain Spain

Educación ofrece cursos de inmersión lingüística en inglés a 250 docentes

La Conselleria de Educación, Cultura y Deporte ofrecerá, dentro del Programa de Mejora del Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras, estancias de inmersión lingüística para 250 docentes, tanto de Educación Infantil como de Primaria y Secundaria, pertenecientes a centros sostenidos con fondos públicos.

29/08/2013 Spain Spain

Un total de 90.000 alumnos de Infantil estudiarán inglés desde septiembre

En 7 años se completará la implantación del modelo plurilingüe. Educación incrementará en un 60% el número de puestos de docentes de inglés.

29/08/2013 Russia Russia

Moscú moviliza a policías políglotas

Policías rusos con dominio de lenguas extranjeras patrullarán las arterias más concurridas de la capital, un proyecto en fase de desarrollo por el ministerio de Interior, certificó hoy un alto oficial del organismo.

29/08/2013 Spain Spain

Los juzgados piden un millar de servicios de intérprete desde 2010

Rumano, árabe y chino son los idiomas que acaparan la mayoría de las solicitudes

29/08/2013 Germany Germany

Kurdisch hilft bei den Deutschkenntnissen

Grundschule am Wasser feiert 20 Jahre muttersprachlichen Unterricht / Kinder profitieren von dem Angebot

29/08/2013 Belgium Belgium

La langue d'enseignement est de moins en moins la langue maternelle à Bruxelles

La diversité de la population scolaire continue d'augmenter à Bruxelles, rapporte une étude du Brussels Studies Institute (BSI) publiée jeudi.

28/08/2013 China China

Traduction en berne : la langue de Shakespeare conquiert la Chine

La part du lion pour l'anglais?

28/08/2013 United States United States

What makes a language difficult?

How long it takes to learn a language does not answer which ones are hard independent of the learner’s first language (nor the related question “How hard is English?”)

28/08/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Talk the talk: maximise your prospects using languages

Personal endorsements from leading figures in the arts, sport, media, business, and politics demonstrate how learning languages can open doors to an array of careers and life experiences

28/08/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Languages: the state of the nation

Is supply meeting demand? Are enough people learning languages in the UK today to meet our current and future needs?

28/08/2013 United Kingdom United Kingdom

Language learning: the shaky future of study (and work) abroad

Unless the government develops a coherent languages strategy, student mobility is threatened, says Anne Marie Graham

28/08/2013 Taiwan Taiwan

Translators voice concern on effect of China accord

Several linguistic experts and translators on Monday voiced concern over the cross-strait service trade agreement, saying the nation’s translation service industry could become a tool for China to manipulate Taiwanese public opinion if the pact is implemented.

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