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30/01/2013 Netherlands Pays-Bas

EMLAR IX - Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research IX

The workshop aims at training advanced MA and PhD students working on first and second language acquisition in experimental research. Experts in various domains of language acquisition research are giving various lectures and practices.

28/01/2013 Indonesia Indonésie

ICEL 2013 - The First International conference on Education and Language

Bandar Lampung University (UBL), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Indonesia is pleased to invite prospective speakers to participate in its first international conference on education and Language (ICEL) 2013. ICEL is the premiere forum for the presentations of new advances and research results in the fields of education and language.

11/01/2013 Belgium Belgique

A Germanic Sandwich 2013

‘A Germanic Sandwich 2013’ will be held at the University of Leuven from 11-12 January 2013, as the fourth edition of a series of conferences in which Dutch is compared with its West Germanic neighbours, English and German. The first one took place in Berlin to commemorate the 1956 appearance of the seminal publication Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels ('Dutch between German and English'), a study by the renowned Dutch linguist C.B. van Haeringen. Later editions of the conference were held at Sheffield (2008) and Oldenburg (2010). The conferences have spawned a number of special issues, either as a book volume (Hüning et al. 2006) or as special issues of journals (Vismans et al. 2010; Ruigendijk et al. in prep.).

09/01/2013 Germany Allemagne


We are proud to announce that the 21st Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (ConSOLE XXI) will take place at the University of Potsdam, January 09.-11., 2013. It will be hosted by the Linguistics Department and the Collaborative Research Centre 632 "Information Structure", funded by the DFG.

ConSOLE is an annual traveling conference for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in Linguistics from around the world. SOLE, founded in 1992 by students of the Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics, is currently based at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. Together with a local organizing committee, it runs an annual conference for linguistics students, providing a forum for the upcoming generation of linguists to present research to an international audience. More information about SOLE, previous ConSOLEs, as well as online ConSOLE proceedings can be found at the SOLE webpage.

07/01/2013 Netherlands Pays-Bas

LOT Winter School 2013

The LOT Winter School 2013 will be hosted by the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, LUCL. The school will take place at the Lipsius-building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. The courses in this school are free for all PhD-researchers and second year research master students who are affiliated with one of the eight LOT Institutes.

14/12/2012 Belgium Belgique

Journée d’études 2012 de l’ABLA – Anéla

Le multilinguisme en Belgique, aux Pays-Bas et en Europe en 2012: Acquisition, didactique et politique linguistique

13/12/2012 Thailand Thailande

Language rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts

The Thirteenth International Conference on Law and Language of the International Academy of Linguistic Law is a collaborative effort involving researchers from the Faculties of Law and Mass Communications at Chiang Mai University (Thailand), the International Observatory of Language Rights in Moncton (Canada), and UNESCOCAT in Barcelona (Spain). This conference is part of a series of biannual events organised through the International Academy of Linguistic Law since 1984 when it was founded as an international multidisciplinary organisation bringing together jurists, linguists, social scientists and all those worldwide interested in world linguistic diversity, as well as the relationship between law and language.

06/12/2012 United States Etats Unis

Panel Discussion on Translation & Multilingualism

In our ever-changing world, global communication across languages is becoming increasingly important, especially in border states like Arizona. Please join us for an afternoon with three international experts in translation and interpretation to discuss translation and multilingualism in Arizona and throughout the world.

06/12/2012 Singapore Singapour

The Fifth CLS International Conference CLaSIC 2012 - Culture in Foreign Language Learning: Framing and Reframing the Issue

In making the study of the role of culture in foreign language learning the theme of CLaSIC 2012, the Organizing Committee acknowledges its undoubted importance and encourages participants to actively contemplate and debate this essential issue. Through scholarly and critical interactions with a diverse range of subthemes, ranging from “culture, identity and motivation” to “intercultural language teaching” and “ethnographic approaches to language teaching,” it is hoped that a keener understanding of the multi-faceted relationship between culture and foreign language education can be achieved.

05/12/2012 Belgium Belgique

Policy Dialogue: Mobility, growth and jobs – the multilingual challenge of the Single Market

PUBLIC POLICY EVENT to promote multilingualism in the EU - in collaboration with the European Policy Centre (EPC)

05/12/2012 France France

ELA2012 - 3rd conference on early language acquisition

The third ELA conference will be held on Dec. 5-7, 2012, in Lyon, France. The main theme of the conference is early language acquisition with a focus on the role of input, in both normal and atypical development. The conference will consist of plenary lectures, paper sessions and poster sessions. The languages of the conference will be French and English. Selected conference papers, after a blind-review procedure, will be published in a journal or in an edited book.

03/12/2012 United Kingdom Royaume-Uni

Language Rich Europe - International conference for the British Council & National Partners

At 15:45 on December 3 this session will explore the economy, competitiveness, employability and social cohesion to understand how European countries and cities are reacting to diversity in civil society.

01/12/2012 China Chine

EU-China: a conference on multilingualism

The European Commission is organising, in cooperation with the Beijing Foreign Studies University, a high-level conference on multilingualism and language learning

01/12/2012 Spain Espagne

9th edition of minority language song contest Liet International

On Saturday 1 December 2012 the Asturian city of Xixón (Gijón) will host the 9th edition of European minority language song contest Liet International, the one and only song contest for singers and bands who sing in a European minority language. In Asturias the song contest is hosted by the autonomous Asturian government in close collaboration with Foundation Liet International from Friesland in the Netherlands. After eight previous editions in Friesland, the Netherlands, Swedish Lapland (Sápmi), Breizh/Brittany (France) and Udine in Italy it is the first time that Liet International comes to the Iberian peninsula.

01/12/2012 Spain Espagne

English as a Scientific and Research Language

The aim of the second conference of the 'English in Europe' Network is to gain a comparative understanding of the debates surrounding the role and status of English in Europe in academic and research settings.

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