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18/10/2012 United States United States

Immersion 2012: Bridging Contexts for a Multilingual World

Language immersion education continues to evolve as a highly effective program model for launching students on the road to bi- and multilingualism and intercultural competence. School-based immersion programs commit to a minimum of 50% subject-matter schooling through a second, world, heritage, or indigenous language at the preschool and elementary levels with varying amounts of subject-based language learning support throughout secondary and post-secondary education. Program models include one-way world language immersion, two-way bilingual immersion, and indigenous/heritage immersion for language and culture revitalization. While each model targets distinct sociocultural contexts and educational needs, all embrace language, literacy and culture development through subject matter learning.

Under the leadership of the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota (CARLA), the fourth international conference on immersion education brings these models together to engage in research-informed dialogue and professional exchange across languages, levels, learner audiences, and sociopolitical contexts.

18/10/2012 Spain Spain

International Conference "The Voices of Suspense and their Translation in Thrillers"

The International Conference "The Voices of Suspense and their Translation in Thrillers" (VSTT) aims to study fictional dialogue and its translation in suspense novels and films and in related genres. The particular interest in dialogue comes from the host of roles it plays in fiction. It helps create suspense and arouses a whole range of feelings related to the development and dénouement of the plot in the reader or the audience.

18/10/2012 France France

Colloque "Traduction, Plurilinguisme et langues en contact"

L’un des principaux enjeux de ce colloque sera d’essayer de définir, dans une perspective traductologique, les spécificités et les enjeux des textes et des traductions plurilingues. Nous essaierons donc de dresser un état des lieux de la question pour la période s’étendant des années 80 à nos jours, toutes aires géographiques confondues, afin de confronter les perspectives pour voir si l’on peut en tirer un socle commun, susceptible de servir de fondement à la réflexion mais aussi d’être questionné par les études de cas proposées et les expériences croisées de créateurs et de traducteurs.

17/10/2012 Spain Spain

V Jordanes sobre Traduccion y Literatura

Los días 17 y 18 de octubre, la Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación acogerá las V Jornades sobre Traducción y Literatura, que tratarán sobre los efectos de la censura durante la dictadura.

16/10/2012 Belgium Belgium

EU-China Language Forum

The 15th EU-China Summit of September 2012 and its Joint Press Communiqué stressed again the role of language and multilingualism as an important field of cooperation. With trade and political relations between China and Europe on the rise, the role of language and language education is crucial.

12/10/2012 Slovakia Slovakia

Conference: Foreign Languages as a Bridge to Subject-Area Knowledge and Skills

The main objective of the conference is to establish a forum for examining and discussing the role of foreign languages in foreign language-medium programmes, new developments and current state of teaching foreign languages at higher education institutions.

10/10/2012 Russia Russia

International Congress on Cognitive Linguistics

Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin, Russian Cognitive Linguists Association announce International Congress on Cognitive Linguistics to be held in Tambov, Russia, October 10-12, 2012.

10/10/2012 Italy Italy

3rd European Conference on Plurilingualism / 3ème Assises européennes du plurilinguisme

Plurilingualism does not mean the disappearance of borders, whether they are physical, political, religious, intellectual, artistic or any others. Such as a door, the border can be opened or closed; it is a marker of identity and of differentiation, but at the same time, it is a condition for a real and authentic exchange. Whatever the border, plurilingualism transforms them as areas of exchanges, enrichment and creativity, a creativity nurtured by an assumed and recognized otherness.

Such is the main set of themes for the 3rd European Conference on plurilingualism which will decline themselves into four henceforth standard registers: education, economy, politics and culture.

05/10/2012 Austria Austria

International Translation Day in Austria 2012

This year’s event marking International Translation Day in Austria will focus on the topic of quality in translation. It is organised by the Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association Universitas. Traditionally, Universitas and Übersetzergemeinschaft (Austrian Literary and Scientific Translators’ Association) take turns in hosting the ‘St. Jerome’s festival’ on or around International Translation Day bringing together the different translation professions. The presentations will cover quality issues in the EU DG Translation, literary translation and interpreting.

The event will take place on Friday, 5th October, at 8 p.m. at the House of the European Union in Vienna.

05/10/2012 United Kingdom United Kingdom

International Translation Day in London 2012

On the occassion of International Translation Day, several British literary organisations are teaming up to host a symposium in London. The event will bring together translators, students, publishers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and reviewers to debate significant issues and developments within the sector.

Sessions will include:

  • Getting started in translation
  • Translators in schools
  • Doing it yourself: the rise of the small press
  • Promotional strategies
  • Translation Live! Touring and live literature events

Theatre director Dominic Dromgoole will give a talk on staging Shakespeare in translation, and Andrei Kurkov and Tash Aw will speak on this year’s Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize.

The event, taking place on 5 October, is part of the Notes & Letters Festival (5-8 October).

05/10/2012 Finland Finland

Learner Language, Learner Corpora - LLLC 2012 Conference

The aim of the conference ‘Learner language, learner corpora’ is to bring together researchers interested in second language acquisition and foreign language learning, and in particular those working with either or both learner corpora and the learning and teaching of Finno-Ugric (FU) languages as a second or foreign language.

04/10/2012 New Zealand New Zealand

CLESOL's 13th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL

Since its inception in 1990 the CLESOL conference has brought together the needs and interests of two groups of language teachers. Community languages are the first part of the CLESOL equation. Community languages teachers are committed to maintaining the first languages of migrant and refugee groups settled in Aotearoa New Zealand, and introducing those languages to others interested in learning them. Community languages teachers are bilingual (or multilingual) and their work is usually community based. The other half of the CLESOL equation is ESOL teachers. By comparison, ESOL teachers are a much bigger group who work in State education institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary), for private language schools, or as volunteer community tutors. The language of, and focus for, instruction is English, and ESOL teachers are predominantly monolingual native English speakers (but not exclusively so).

04/10/2012 United States United States

Conference: UIC Bil(ingual)Forum 2012

The UIC BilForum is dedicated to research in any area related to bilingualism, including theoretical linguistics, code-switching, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive sciences, heritage languages and bilingual acquisition.

03/10/2012 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Confinteasixinaction South Eastern Europe

Confinteasixinaction South Eastern Europe: Lifelong Learning and Non-formal Education in South Eastern Europe

01/10/2012 Belgium Belgium


ALTE is committed to supporting multilingualism at all levels, including global, national, regional and minority languages, as well as the languages of immigrant communities.

In collaboration with University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, we are holding our fifth annual week of events in the European Parliament from 1-4 October 2012. The event will be hosted by MEP Miguel Angel Martínez , Vice President of the European Parliament and MEP Hannu Takkula.

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