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14/03/2014 United States Etats Unis

GURT 2014: Usage-based Approaches to Language, Language Learning, and Multilingualism,

GURT 2014 will bring together research from various usage-based perspectives in order to explore (a) how communicative context and language use, in interaction with general cognitive processes, shape the properties of language, language change, and language learning and (b) the consequences of bilingualism and multilingualism for usage-based theorizing and investigation.

23/01/2014 United Kingdom Royaume-Uni

Technology and CRSS Language Conference, 23-24 January 2014, Cardiff

The conference gives an excellent opportunity to share good practice, take inspiration and guidance from organisations like META-NET, and to find out more about the research and development in the world of languages and technology.

16/12/2013 Finland Finlande

Language Revitalization in a Russian and European Context

Language Revitalization in a Russian and European Context: Exploring Solutions for Minority Language Maintenance. The conference focuses on the research of the ongoing processes of language extinction and revitalization. The special emphasis of the conference is on minority language communities in the Russian Federation and European Union in a comparative perspective.

05/12/2013 Turkey Turquie

Global Conference on Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching

The Global Conference on Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching will take place in Antalya from December 5 to December 8, 2013.

21/11/2013 Morocco Maroc

3rd International Conference on Cultures and Languages in Contact

The Moroccan Culture Research Group (MCRG) is pleased to announce its 3rd International Conference on Cultures and Languages in Contact to be held at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences-El Jadida, Morocco on November 21-22, 2013.

18/11/2013 Spain Espagne

6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation

ICERI2013 provides the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences. It is the perfect platform to discuss the latest developments in the field of Teaching and learning methodologies, educational projects and innovations and new technologies applied to Education and Research.

15/11/2013 Germany Allemagne

Expolingua Berlin 2013, November 15-17

EXPOLINGUA Berlin, the International Fair for Languages and Cultures, is taking place for the twenty-six time this year. From November 15th to 17th, 2013, visitors and exhibitors are invited to celebrate cultural diversity and experience the fair's unique international flair with over 50 languages and exhibitors from over 25 countries. 

14/11/2013 Italy Italie

International Conference ICT for Language Learning

The objective of the ICT for Language Learning conference is to promote the sharing of good practice and transnational cooperation in the field of the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to Language Learning and Teaching. The ICT for Language Learning conference will also be an excellent opportunity for the presentation of previous and current language learning projects and innovative initiatives.

13/11/2013 Czech Republic République tchèque

Challenges of foreign language teaching V

The Department of English at the Faculty of Education of Purkyně University is pleased to announce its fifth international conference for academics and practitioners involved in educating teachers of foreign languages.

07/11/2013 Germany Allemagne

2nd Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching

From November 7 to 9, 2013, the 2nd Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching will be held at the Chair of Applied Languages of the Business School of Saarland University of Applied Sciences (Germany). The conference features the theme: Language Knowledge and Language Skills - Prerequisites, Relativity, Methodology.

06/11/2013 Norway Norvège

Tromsø International Conference on Language Diversity

The Tromsø International Conference on Language Diversity will be one of the seven main events during Språkåret 2013, the Norwegian national Language Year 2013, which marks both the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian linguist and poet Ivar Aasen and the 100th anniversary of Det Norske Teatret (‘The Norwegian Theater’). Språkåret 2013 aims to be a generous and inclusive celebration of language diversity.

31/10/2013 United States Etats Unis

Second Language Research Forum 2013

The 2013 Second Language Research Forum will take place in Utah, a state well known for its natural, diverse and complex landscape. It is a perfect fit when discussing the complexity, context, and communication within SLA.The theme of the Forum will be: ‘The Natural Phenomenon of SLA: Complexity, Context and Communication’. It will be hosted by the Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah).

24/10/2013 Canada Canada

International Conference on Multilingualism: Linguistic Challenges and Neurocognitive Mechanisms

The conference examines recent advances in our understanding of multilingualism, including simultaneous bilingualism, language learning mechanisms, transfer effects, sign language, brain plasticity and critical periods, focusing on current developments in this field. One important goal of this conference is to facilitate and inspire the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers and students from different backgrounds and to promote collaborative research projects in the future.

23/10/2013 Greece Grèce

EfVET Annual International Conference

The conference will provide an ideal opportunity to share good practice and consider possible collaborative partnerships in preparation for the launch of the new Lifelong Learning Programme 2014 2020. 

18/10/2013 Portugal Portugal

The Language Fair

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation (CIDLeS) cordially invites all the European minority language communities to participate in the Language Fair – a socio-cultural 2-day event which aims at getting the general public acquainted with linguistic diversity in Europe, mainly its endangered/minority languages (including those spoken by immigrants).

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