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21/10/2013 United States Vereinigte Staaten

Native-like brain processing of second language possible in university students

Along with helping students gain a global perspective, study abroad experiences may give college students a particular kind of advantage in learning another language.

21/10/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

New study abroad programme makes languages an EU priority

A €15b initiative from the European Union to encourage study and training abroad will address unemployment and social mobility, says EU commissioner.

21/10/2013 Malta Malta

Promoting the gift of tongues

With the onset of globalisation in world trade, it has become a necessity for businesses that export their goods and services on a global level to become proficient in communicating in different languages. While the English language continues to be the lingua franca on a global level, its predominance is being challenged by other languages, especially Chinese.

20/10/2013 Spain Spanien

El patrimonio de la lengua es asunto de todos

Tomo el avión en Madrid y, tras más de una decena de horas y miles de kilómetros, me bajo en Buenos Aires y sigo hablando la misma lengua. ¿Cómo es esto posible? ¿Cómo se ha logrado que una lengua grande, como el español –regada en territorios inmensos, en competencia con otras lenguas, poseedora de centenares de millones de hablantes que realizan las más disímiles actividades– se mantenga unida?

20/10/2013 Peru Peru

Mario Vargas Llosa pide defender la lengua española

El escritor peruano Mario Vargas Llosa hizo un llamado a la defensa de la lengua española. Además, exhortó a realizar todos los esfuerzos posibles por reforzarla y trabajar por su cohesión.

18/10/2013 United States Vereinigte Staaten

Learning Dialects Shapes Brain Areas That Process Spoken Language

Using advanced imaging to visualize brain areas used for understanding language in native Japanese speakers, a new study from the RIKEN Brain Science Institute finds that the pitch-accent in words pronounced in standard Japanese activates different brain hemispheres depending on whether the listener speaks standard Japanese or one of the regional dialects.

17/10/2013 Canada Kanada

Majority of Montreal residents see city as bilingual: poll

A new online poll conducted for CBC / Radio-Canada reveals that a vast majority of Montrealers see the city as bilingual.

10/10/2013 Senegal Senegal

Wolof 2.0: Spoken Languages in a Digital Age

In Senegal, French was traditionally the language of writing, Wolof the language of speaking. But, helped by mobile phones and the web, that is fast changing.

10/10/2013 Belgium Belgien

Proactive measures needed to preserve Europe's 'endangered languages'

Endangered languages across the EU are not receiving enough support and are facing possible extinction, writes Kay Swinburne for

09/10/2013 France Frankreich

Aphasie: être bilingue, ça peut aider

Il était déjà connu que le fait de maîtriser plusieurs langues vivantes était bénéfique pour la mémoire. Mais le bilinguisme pourrait également favoriser une récupération plus rapide de la parole chez les patients souffrant d’aphasie, comme le suggère une chercheuse canadienne.

09/10/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Toddler brain scan gives language insight

The brain has a critical window for language development between the ages of two and four, brain scans suggest.

07/10/2013 Belgium Belgien

Multilinguisme: Quatre Belges sur 10 ne connaissent pas de langue étrangère

42,1% des Belges âgés de 25 à 64 ans ne parlent que leur langue maternelle et ne maîtrisent aucune langue étrangère, selon les résultats d'une enquête AES (Adult Education Survey) publiés par le SPF Economie. Cette enquête apporte des informations sur les formations linguistiques suivies par les adultes âgés de 25 à 64 ans au cours des 12 derniers mois ainsi que sur les connaissances linguistiques générales des personnes interrogées.

03/10/2013 Italy Italien

The structure of language influences learning

There are words that convey a meaning, like verbs, nouns or adjectives, and others, like articles or conjunctions that sustain them, providing a structure for the sentence. A few years ago some scientists of the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste, together with collaborators from other Universities, showed that the order of the two categories of words within a sentence is important for language acquisition in infants already in their first year of life.

03/10/2013 Luxembourg Luxemburg

Luxembourgers are language-savvy

Nearly 100 percent of Luxembourg residents state that they speak a foreign language, the highest number recorded in the European Union, according to data published by statistics agency Eurostat.

02/10/2013 Switzerland Schweiz

Should schools teach all mother tongues?

Although Swiss public schools are required to teach in national languages, about 60 per cent of children born in Switzerland to foreign parents speak a non-Swiss language at home. Should foreign native languages get more class time?

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