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26/09/2013 Romania Rumänien

Eurostat: Almost three quarters of adult Romanians say they can speak a foreign language

No less than 74 percent of the Romanians aged between 25 and 64 say that can speak at least one foreign language when the EU average is 66 percent, informs a Eurostat survey that was published in Brussels.


26/09/2013 Latvia Lettland

85% Latvian pupils are learning foreign languages

85% of the total number of pupils in general schools in Latvia are learning foreign languages*. 51% of pupils, learning foreign languages, are learning two and more foreign languages.

23/09/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Moving to the rhythm 'can help language skills'

Moving in time to a steady beat is closely linked to better language skills, a study suggests.

22/09/2013 Malta Malta

The standardisation of medical English

A team of medical language professionals from around Europe met at the Valentina Hotel, Paceville, during the past days to discuss a very specific topic – the standardisation of medical English.

21/09/2013 Germany Deutschland

Das schwierigste Wort der deutschen Sprache

Es gibt Wörter, die schreibt fast jeder falsch – gerade weil sie uns so vertraut vorkommen. Das Wort, das die Deutschen am häufigsten verhunzen, ist norddeutsch, kommt aber aus dem Spanischen. 

18/09/2013 Spain Spanien

Más de 200 lingüistas participan en el XXIV Congreso Internacional

La Universidad de Jaén se convierte estos días en el centro mundial de la investigación en enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera.

18/09/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Are children really better at foreign language learning?

It might seem that children have an easier time picking up foreign languages, but there are ways that adults can be as strong, or stronger, than children, says Anne Merritt.

17/09/2013 Japan Japan

6 languages eyed for Olympic signs

The Tokyo metropolitan government is considering displaying six languages on guide displays of roads, railways, sports arenas and other facilities in Tokyo for foreign tourists who will visit Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

17/09/2013 India Indien

A language that built a nation

Given Indonesia's complex plurality, it did well to choose Bahasa Indonesia, a simple and flexible tongue, as the official language even though it was not spoken by the majority of its citizens

16/09/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Why you should learn a dead language

Learning a dead language might not be as useless as it sounds.

16/09/2013 India Indien

Translations: a shortcut into different worlds

In a land of cultural diversities like India, language is the glue that binds us together - and separates as well. Literature from the mofussil Indian landscape is a window of its indigenous socio-political turmoil and publishers are translating poignant tales of struggle, freedom, history and injustice to transport readers into other worlds.

16/09/2013 United States Vereinigte Staaten

'Hello' offered in 17 languages on Metro buses and trains

17 ways to say hello will be featured on posters found on Metro buses and trains beginning today as they make their way through the region. The posters are part of an effort to attract more immigrants and part of Welcoming Week, a nationwide event to highlight the contributions of the foreign-born population.

15/09/2013 Singapore Singapur

Four language formula speaks well for Singapore

Singapore’s multiracial and multicultural social makeup has resulted in a peculiar language profile. The country has adopted one representative language for each of the four major ethnic groups, including English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

13/09/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Commission highlights benefits of foreign language skills for UK students and business

More needs to be done to encourage British students to study languages at A Level and university, according to the European Commission. The importance of foreign language skills is self-evident in all EU countries, given that businesses increasingly operate internationally: more than half of the UK's trade is with the rest of Europe - and its businesses need staff who can speak the language of their customers. The Commission will underline this at a conference during the London Language Show next month (18 October).

12/09/2013 China China

Chinese language games developed to promote bilingualism in pre-schools

To promote the effective use of games in Chinese language learning, the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) and Seed Institute have jointly developed Fun Games for Learning Mandarin, a Chinese language teaching aid for pre-schools.

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