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21/11/2013 China China

China developing surveillance technology to monitor ethnic languages

Chinese government is beefing up its surveillance capabilities with a new technology to track communications in languages used by China's various ethnic groups.

20/11/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

El español, el idioma

El español se erige como el idioma extranjero "más importante" entre los que tienen que aprender los escolares británicos, seguido de otros como el árabe o el mandarín, que superan a los tradicionales francés y alemán, según un estudio.

20/11/2013 India Indien

Hindi and Bengali among top 10 most common languages in the world

The most common languages spoken by schoolchildren in the UK consist of four from the Indian subcontinent — Panjabi, Urdu, Gujarati and Bengali.

20/11/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

UK's international education body highlights most important foreign languages to learn

British Council report calls on policymakers to introduce a broader range of languages into every child's education.

09/11/2013 Netherlands Niederlande

Huh? Scientists find a version in each of 10 languages studied

Humans speak many languages, but we may be united in our confusion. A new study examined languages from around the world and discovered what they say could be a universal word: "Huh?"

06/11/2013 Canada Kanada

Être bilingue retarderait certaines formes de démence

Parler une deuxième langue pourrait retarder l'apparition de certaines formes de démence chez les personnes âgées, même illettrées, montre une étude, la plus étendue sur ce sujet effectuée à ce jour.

Cette recherche, publiée mercredi dans la revue américaine Neurology, montre que le bilinguisme retarde de quatre ans et demi trois formes de démence, comparativement à des individus ne parlant qu'une langue.

05/11/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

In pursuit of a polyglot nation

The British Academy's recent State of the Nation report highlighted a shortage of foreign-language skills in the UK and warned of a "vicious cycle of monolingualism". So why are more people not fired up to learn other languages? What can be done to change their perceptions and how can we ensure supply meets demand in the range of courses offered by schools and universities?

These were some of the questions raised at a recent debate hosted by the Guardian, in association with the British Academy, which has joined forces with the Guardian to raise the profile of language learning in the UK. The discussion was held under the Chatham House rule, which allows comments to be reported without attribution to encourage a frank debate.

05/11/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

Do different languages confer different personalities?

Some of the advantages of bilingualism include better performance at tasks involving "executive function" (which involve the brain's ability to plan and prioritise), better defence against dementia in old age and—the obvious—the ability to speak a second language. One purported advantage was not mentioned, though. Many multilinguals report different personalities, or even different worldviews, when they speak their different languages.

31/10/2013 Australia Australien

Non-Chinese students 'hesitating' to study Chinese

As Australia talks of becoming a more multilingual society, especially in connection with Asia, the facts on the ground don't always match up. And that contradiction's beginning to show up particularly at the Year 12 exam level, and particularly concerning one language -- Chinese.

31/10/2013 Finland Finnland

Why Finnish can seem like such a tongue-twisting, mind-bending language

The nature of your own native language could affect how well you learn a foreign tongue. That’s according to polyglot and university lecturer Rogier Nieuweboer. Nieuweboer says that Finnish is so unique, that no other language exposure prepares learners for its peculiarities.

21/10/2013 United States Vereinigte Staaten

Native-like brain processing of second language possible in university students

Along with helping students gain a global perspective, study abroad experiences may give college students a particular kind of advantage in learning another language.

21/10/2013 United Kingdom Vereinigtes Königreich

New study abroad programme makes languages an EU priority

A €15b initiative from the European Union to encourage study and training abroad will address unemployment and social mobility, says EU commissioner.

21/10/2013 Malta Malta

Promoting the gift of tongues

With the onset of globalisation in world trade, it has become a necessity for businesses that export their goods and services on a global level to become proficient in communicating in different languages. While the English language continues to be the lingua franca on a global level, its predominance is being challenged by other languages, especially Chinese.

20/10/2013 Spain Spanien

El patrimonio de la lengua es asunto de todos

Tomo el avión en Madrid y, tras más de una decena de horas y miles de kilómetros, me bajo en Buenos Aires y sigo hablando la misma lengua. ¿Cómo es esto posible? ¿Cómo se ha logrado que una lengua grande, como el español –regada en territorios inmensos, en competencia con otras lenguas, poseedora de centenares de millones de hablantes que realizan las más disímiles actividades– se mantenga unida?

20/10/2013 Peru Peru

Mario Vargas Llosa pide defender la lengua española

El escritor peruano Mario Vargas Llosa hizo un llamado a la defensa de la lengua española. Además, exhortó a realizar todos los esfuerzos posibles por reforzarla y trabajar por su cohesión.

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