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Language Communication in a Multicultural ContextLanguage Communication in a Multicultural Context
Agenda  ¦  21/06/2012  ¦  Russie Russie

The conference brings together international academics, professors and graduate students, to present researches in their respective fields. The final program - released a month before the conference - will mirror the research agendas of the delegates rather than a pre-conceived list of arbitrary topics. Our invited guests will not pay the registration for the conference, the manuscript and publishing of abstracts is free of charge due to the support of the University's Development Program. The booklet of the conference will be published in the Republic of Korea.

Call for Papers:

We invite abstracts in any of the following tracks:

1. Language in a Multicultural Context
2. Comparative Linguistics: Typology, History and Evolution of Language
3. Cognitive Linguistics
4. Text and Discourse
5. Language Translation
6. Language Teaching and Education

The accepted submissions will be clustered around their common topics and areas of interest.

Abstracts should be in Word format, they should not exceed two pages, including data, references and diagrams. The font should be 11-point. The A4 page must have one-inch margins on all sides. The full reference must be given at the end of the abstract.

Deadline for submission of abstracts and articles: 30 March 2012

Date: 21-22/06/2012

Organiser: North-East Federal University (NEFU)

Country: Russia

Venue: 58 Belinskiy Street, Yakutsk/Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

E-mail: (Lana Filippova)

Website (Russian)

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