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Mapping language diversity - interactive map

18/02/2013  Mapping language diversity - interactive map European Union Union européenne

Using population data scraped off of Ethnologue, the linguistic diversity of each of the world’s countries is quantified as the entropy of the probability distribution over the country’s languages.

Few will be surprised to find that Africa is as rich in language diversity as it is in other forms of human diversity. Nor is it very surprising that India, a veritable continent of cultures comparable to the combined European Union, is also extremely diverse. Top 25 Language Learning Blogs 2012

10/10/2012 Top 25 Language Learning Blogs 2012 Germany Allemagne

Find out about the Top 25 Language Lovers 2012 in the category ‘Language Learning’. This category focuses on blogs about the language learning process, language teaching, difficulties with or discussions about learning a language.


Using the European Language Portofolio

10/10/2012  Using the European Language Portofolio European Union Union européenne

The European Language Portfolio is a personal document of a learner. In this document learners of all ages can record their language learning and cultural experiences at school or outside school.

There is not a single ELP portfolio - there's a huge variety of different portfolios made for different languages and different target and age groups. Have a look at all the portfolios available in the ELP database.

 Language industry web platform (LIND-Web)

12/04/2012  Language industry web platform (LIND-Web) European Union Union européenne

Here you will find facts and figures on the EU language industry. These are provided by language professionals, industry stakeholders and EU institutions.

ECML Experts Database

05/03/2012  ECML Experts Database European Union Union européenne

The Experts database allows you both to find expertise in specific areas of language education and to promote your services in your particular area of specialisation. The database is intended as a service for the language professionals community within Europe and beyond. 

Please note that in order to submit your profile you must register with the website.

Mercator Publications

24/02/2012  Mercator Publications Netherlands Pays-Bas

The following publications can be purchased from the Mercator Research Centre.


19/01/2012  Eurypedia European Union Union européenne

Eurypedia – the European Encyclopaedia on education systems – is a new, one-stop product that promotes understanding of education systems and policies in Europe. Based on a wiki technology and containing more than 5000 articles, its purpose is to provide the most accurate picture of the education systems and reforms in 38 European school and university systems, within the 33 countries participating in the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme (all 27 EU Member States as well as Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey).

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Eurolang Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste Club de Madrid
Fédération européenne des institutions linguistiques nationales (EFNIL) EUROCLIO Fédération des Éditeurs européens (FEE)
Literature Across Frontiers Association des Télévisions Commerciales européennes Culturelink
EUNIC Bruxelles Conseil européen des Artistes (ECA) Conseil européen pour l'éducation Steiner Waldorf (ECSWE)
RECIT Forum européen pour la Formation Professionnelle et Technique (EfVET) ALTE
Association Européenne pour l'Éducation des Adultes (EAEA) Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes (UFCE) Union Espérantiste Europénne - UEE
Convention Théâtrale Européenne (CTE) Conseil Européen des Associations Littéraires (CEATL) CMFE (Community Media Forum Europe)
Co-ordination européenne des producteurs indépendants EEE-YFU Association européenne de terminologie (AET)
Fédération Européenne pour l'Aprentissage Interculturel Conseil européen des Éditeurs (EPC) Réseau Mercator de Centres sur le Diversité Linguistique

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