The ease of language learning in the modern day

Today it is easy to sign up for an online course for just about anything. That includes online language study with the added bonus of really great chat rooms, applications and language tools to make learning a foreign language really easy and you can do it on the go too with the help of your mobile device.

5 Top online language schools for 2018

#1 FluentU

11 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $18 per month
FluentU is at the top of our list because this site is truly a unique site and one all people looking to learn a new language should try.

It takes things like songs, videos, etc and translates them into the learning language of choice.
For instance a song usually sung in English would be translated into German if that is the language you are doing and encourages the learner to sing along in German.

It gives various life lessons in the desired language and it always keeps track of your progression through a lot of great tools.



12 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: Free
This site has many free language courses and offers a bunch of fun ways in which to learn the languages.
With various quotes, phrases and game type techniques making learning that much more enjoyable.


#3 MIT OpenCourseWare

13 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: Free
This course is based on the “spaced repetition” technique to memorize the language.
The courseware is downloadable for a person to do on their own time, at their own pace.


#4 Oregon State eCampus

14 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $270 per credit
If you are looking for a university type credit for a language this is the campus to be on as you can even get a bachelors degree in a language.

It has a virtual campus that allows you to attend the course from anywhere.


#5 Vebalplanet

15 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $22 per lesson
This site offers you online tutors who specialize in the language you are taking and they help you every step of the way.

They have a large network of staff and a host of great tools that aid in tracking your learning progress.


You get what you put into studying especially when studying a language, unless you have a rare ability with languages, it takes as much practice as you can. Listen to the news in that language if you can, try reading a book you know well that has been translated into that language and most of all it is a lot easier to practice speaking and or writing the language if you have a native speaker to help you which on todays super highway is not that hard to find.

5 Top online language courses for 2018

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