The new era of trading

Binary option trading has become the latest trading trend on the internet in that you do not have to be a broker to be able to trade.

The systems are fast becoming more and more automated to make trading even easier for the novice trader.

5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018

This platform has been around for many years and is an established licensed broker which is regulated in the British Isles.

It offers transparent trading as well as gambling. It has minimum trade options of $10 and a maximum return of 1000%

41 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#2 ETX Capital
Licensed and regulated in the UK by the FCA this broker goes above and beyond in ensuring that novice traders are well educated in trading. Their detailed explanations of binary trading and the outlining of the risks, trades and all other key factors puts it a bit of a step up above the rest for the novice trader.

It also has a minimum deposit as low as $100 offering a maximum return of 85%

42 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#3 IQ Option
One of the more established binary trading brokers on the internet this establishment opened in 2012 and has a loyal following.

There are a few countries that cannot trade with this broker but it is well known for its reliable services and offers a 91% maximum return.

43 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#4 BDSWiss
This broker is regulated and licensed in Cyprus where its head office is also located.

It is a well reputed broker and has a minimum deposit of $200 and maximum return of 85%.

However, although is it also registered with the U.S. National Futures Association (which is unregulated) they do not accept U.S. traders.

44 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#5 HighLow
This is an Australian based operation where it is also regulated and it uses the MarketsPulse trading platform.

The minimum deposit is $10 with a 90% maximum return and has been known to offer $50 sign-up bonuses.

45 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018



Do not fall for those binary trading adverts that promise you hundreds of thousands of dollars day in your bank account for the minute you start to trade.

As with poker, casinos and sports betting trading puts your money at risk and it is advisable to go through a registered legitimate trader.

A few of the binary options traders online offer a free demo account where by you trade on the live system with virtual money.

This way you can watch the trends and get a fee for the market, have practice goes to learn before investing your money.

When you do invest your money ensure you trade wisely and work out a percentage of your winnings to put away every time you get a decent win to ensure that you come out with some cash.

5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018

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