Handy on the go tools for leaning a foreign language

Reading, writing and speaking are the best ways to learn a foreign language, but it is also handy to have tool you can use on the go on a mobile device, laptop or pc.

A few handy tools for learning a foreign language

#1 Duolingo

This fun learning device challenges the student by setting the pace and instituting a game type scenario. The student has to answer questions correctly within a certain time frame to earn points and move on to the next lesson.
The lessons are broken down into smaller portions making them easier to learn and understand.
This platform has become so popular it is being used in some classrooms around the globe.
With multiple languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and many, many more that can be used on the Windows, iOS and Android platforms it is one of the top language tools for students at all levels.

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#2 Pimsleur Method

Available across multi platforms this language learning method is the modern day version of the old cassette or CD based method where the instructional recording would say a word and or sentence and the learner would repeat it.
This method is broken down in thirty minute sessions and uses repetitive memory exercises and lash cards.
It has many different languages to choose from including the Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and many, many more.

q2 - Useful Tools



If you are going to learn a language it is all about practicing, download the any language materials onto your smart phone and or tablet so you can listen and learn them on the go. The more time you spend on it the better you will get especially if you contact people who already speak the language there are various online resources a person can sign up to.