5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018

5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018

The new era of trading

Binary option trading has become the latest trading trend on the internet in that you do not have to be a broker to be able to trade.

The systems are fast becoming more and more automated to make trading even easier for the novice trader.

5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018

#1 Binary.com
This platform has been around for many years and is an established licensed broker which is regulated in the British Isles.

It offers transparent trading as well as gambling. It has minimum trade options of $10 and a maximum return of 1000%

41 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#2 ETX Capital
Licensed and regulated in the UK by the FCA this broker goes above and beyond in ensuring that novice traders are well educated in trading. Their detailed explanations of binary trading and the outlining of the risks, trades and all other key factors puts it a bit of a step up above the rest for the novice trader.

It also has a minimum deposit as low as $100 offering a maximum return of 85%

42 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#3 IQ Option
One of the more established binary trading brokers on the internet this establishment opened in 2012 and has a loyal following.

There are a few countries that cannot trade with this broker but it is well known for its reliable services and offers a 91% maximum return.

43 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#4 BDSWiss
This broker is regulated and licensed in Cyprus where its head office is also located.

It is a well reputed broker and has a minimum deposit of $200 and maximum return of 85%.

However, although is it also registered with the U.S. National Futures Association (which is unregulated) they do not accept U.S. traders.

44 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018


#5 HighLow
This is an Australian based operation where it is also regulated and it uses the MarketsPulse trading platform.

The minimum deposit is $10 with a 90% maximum return and has been known to offer $50 sign-up bonuses.

45 - 5 Binary options brokers to try in 2018



Do not fall for those binary trading adverts that promise you hundreds of thousands of dollars day in your bank account for the minute you start to trade.

As with poker, casinos and sports betting trading puts your money at risk and it is advisable to go through a registered legitimate trader.

A few of the binary options traders online offer a free demo account where by you trade on the live system with virtual money.

This way you can watch the trends and get a fee for the market, have practice goes to learn before investing your money.

When you do invest your money ensure you trade wisely and work out a percentage of your winnings to put away every time you get a decent win to ensure that you come out with some cash.

5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world

5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world

The age-old tradition of betting on a sport

Betting on various sports has been around for decades, in fact villagers used betting on various sports such as fish duels with special fighting fish which people would put into a glass jar to fight to the death. Villagers old and young would bet on the fights they were not large amounts but still could win a pretty penny. Now days when one thinks of sports betting the first thing that springs to mind is the race track for horses and or grey hound races. Find the best greyhound racing sites here. But there are many more sports one can bet on and like the fish fighting there are a quite a lot stranger sports that people have been known to be on.

5 Strange sports people bet on throughout the world

#1 Hurling

31 - 5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world
A traditional Irish game which scientist claim is one of the most technically challenging games as the game not only requires a great deal of nerve and skill. Because of this it makes it a very entertaining and exciting game to watch. It also stakes the claim as one of the fastest field games played on earth.

#2 Sumo wrestling

32 - 5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world
Betting on Sumo wrestling in Japan is nothing new to the Japanese and is considered a very serious professional sport over there. The competitors of the highest ranks earn large amounts of dollars a month.

Online sports betting has opened up the sport for the international sports betting clientele as well and is said to be a highly entertaining sport to watch.

#3 Underwater upside-downice hockey

33 - 5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world
Image source: imgur.com

This has to truly be one of the weirdest sports ever and hails from Finland.

It is basically Ice Hockey being played upside down beneath a frozen lake, it is considered an extreme sports as it kind of takes extreme to the next level and has quite a sports betting market as well.

#4 Kite winging

34 - 5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world
Image source: outyourbackdoor.com

Another nail biting, highly dangerous extreme sport. The competitors ski whilst holding onto a Kite called a Kitewing. It has quite a sports betting following and does not stop at just skiing you can use it during surfing, skateboarding and rollerblading too.

#5 Mountain Unicycling

35 - 5 Of the strangest sports a person can bet on from around the world
This bizarre and extremely extreme sport sees a mountain biker navigate the terrain on a single wheel some of reaching speeds of up to 80 km per hour.


Where there are legitimate sports that are fun to bet on such as horse racing, rugby, cricket, soccer and even some of the more bizarre ones. There are also ones that are cruel and inhumane rather than participate in these one should report them to have them shut down. Such as dog fights and cock fights to name but a few.

5 Of the most popular online poker games played from around the world

5 Of the most popular online poker games played from around the world

Poker has many different game plays

There are many different poker games that are played all around the world. Most poker games played online allow the player to join other online players for higher stake and more challenging games.

The past two years saw the revamping and rise of many a new online poker site offering a host of different poker games for poker enthusiasts and or online gamblersto enjoy

5 Popular online poker games played worldwide

#1 Texas Hold’em
This is the most popular game of poker to-date is basically played both online and in live poker tournaments.

The players are each dealt two “hole” cards that are face down and then they have to use another face from the community cards which are face up. The winning players has the best five card hand.

#2 Seven card stud
Seven card stud was once the most popular and preferred poker game before the online poker scene came to be.

The players get dealt two cards that face down and one card that faces up, the player that has the lowest card that is facing up gets to start the betting, after each bet the players get dealt a face-up card until they get the seventh with is dealt face down.

#3 Five card draw
This is one of the most simple games of poker and is a great start for any new poker player to learn with.

Each player is dealt five face down cards and are able to draw from pack as they put one or more of their cards back into the deck at the bottom of it.

Betting is done after each draw and the winner is the player with the best five card hand.

info3 - 5 Of the most popular online poker games played from around the world
Infographic by: linkedin.com/pulse

#4 Omaha
Pot limit Omaha cash games are popular online and in live poker tours, here players are not allowed to bet an amount over the what is already in the pot.

The rules and game are similar to Texas Hold’em but you get four cards instead of the two.

#5 Razz
Each player is dealt seven cards with the seventh card and the first two cards are face down.

In this game it is what is known as a “low-ball” games meaning the lowest hand wins the pot.

This game is one of the bracelet games in world series poker


Practice responsible gaming and always ensure the site you are playing on is governed by the proper authorities and are legitimate sites.

A quick search online of the site you are wanting to play on will give you a good overview about the site.

The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018

The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018

Bookmakers making their mark online in 2018

Although online gambling is a big thing with online bookmakers having only recently started to stake their claim on the internet gambling arena.

2017 Saw the rise of really great online bookmakers that are sure to bring more throughout 2018 most are available in many different languages for their members benefit.

5 Top online bookmakers for 2018

#1 Bet365

21 - The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018
This site is listed as one of the best online betting sites.

Its ease of use and great customer reviews speak volumes about this site.

There is hardly any sport that you cannot bet on, on this site.

One of the only down falls is the limited number of countries that can access the site.

#2 William Hill

22 - The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018
William Hill has been a bookmaker since the 1930’s and now with its online presence it has become a giant amongst the betting sector.

Once again as with many of the online bookmakers a lot of countries are barred from using the site.

#3 10Bet

23 - The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018
Although banned in a lot of countries this newer site is growing and has a whole host of varies sports events one can bet on.

It is one of the top betting sites for Asian countries and despite all the drawbacks it keeps coming back strong.

#4 Betclic

24 - The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018
This site has a loyal following and is slowly growing despite not having the best odds and being banned in a lot of countries.

It is considered by its clientele to be a safe and reliable site.

#5 Bet-at-home

25 - The top 5 online bookmaker sites that are bound to put a smile on your face for 2018
This is by far one of the oldest and most established book makers on the internets.

It always comes up in the top ten of recommended online bookmakers and is slowly gaining ground in countries from which it was banned.


Gambling can be addictive always play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose as gambling is not a quick fix to any financial problem but rather it puts your money at risk.

Always ensure the site you choose to bet on is a legitimate one to do so you can contact the various governing bodies that control such sites.

5 Top online language courses for 2018

5 Top online language courses for 2018

The ease of language learning in the modern day

Today it is easy to sign up for an online course for just about anything. That includes online language study with the added bonus of really great chat rooms, applications and language tools to make learning a foreign language really easy and you can do it on the go too with the help of your mobile device.

5 Top online language schools for 2018

#1 FluentU

11 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $18 per month
FluentU is at the top of our list because this site is truly a unique site and one all people looking to learn a new language should try.

It takes things like songs, videos, etc and translates them into the learning language of choice.
For instance a song usually sung in English would be translated into German if that is the language you are doing and encourages the learner to sing along in German.

It gives various life lessons in the desired language and it always keeps track of your progression through a lot of great tools.


#2 LearnaLanguage.com

12 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: Free
This site has many free language courses and offers a bunch of fun ways in which to learn the languages.
With various quotes, phrases and game type techniques making learning that much more enjoyable.


#3 MIT OpenCourseWare

13 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: Free
This course is based on the “spaced repetition” technique to memorize the language.
The courseware is downloadable for a person to do on their own time, at their own pace.


#4 Oregon State eCampus

14 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $270 per credit
If you are looking for a university type credit for a language this is the campus to be on as you can even get a bachelors degree in a language.

It has a virtual campus that allows you to attend the course from anywhere.


#5 Vebalplanet

15 - 5 Top online language courses for 2018
Cost: $22 per lesson
This site offers you online tutors who specialize in the language you are taking and they help you every step of the way.

They have a large network of staff and a host of great tools that aid in tracking your learning progress.


You get what you put into studying especially when studying a language, unless you have a rare ability with languages, it takes as much practice as you can. Listen to the news in that language if you can, try reading a book you know well that has been translated into that language and most of all it is a lot easier to practice speaking and or writing the language if you have a native speaker to help you which on todays super highway is not that hard to find.

5 Languages that are no longer spoken but have helped unlock a lot of mysteries of the past

5 Languages that are no longer spoken but have helped unlock a lot of mysteries of the past

Ancient texts of an age long gone

Most, if not all, languages that are spoken around the world today came from languages that have long since been spoken. Just because they are what we now call a dead language does not mean that they are any less valuable to us.

5 Ancient languages no longer spoken in the modern world

#1 Old Norse
Old Norse was the basis of the Icelandic language still spoken there today.
This was a language that was spoken in Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Scandinavia. It was also found in parts of Britain, Russia and France.

This language was spoken from around the 9th century to the 13th century.

It was divided up into 3 different dialects namely Old Gutnish, West Norse and East Norse which was mainly found in Norway.

#2 Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek was spoken in what is referred to as the Ancient world and Greece from around the 9th Century BC to the 6th century AD.

The styles were classified in different variations through the centuries such as the Archaic period which was around the 9th – 6th centuries BC. The Classical period which spanned from the 4th and 5th centuries BC. Then there was Hellenistic period from the 3rd century BC to 4th century AD.

#3 Ancient Egyptian
A language none us know but who most have heard of as you cannot know of the pyramids without knowing about ancient Egyptian.

A language of strange hieroglyphics and associated with mummies, tombs and pharos curses.

This language has been dated back to 2690 BC which is the oldest full sentence ever found of this language which makes it one of the oldest language known to man alongside Sumerian.

#4 Sanskrit
Although there is a branch of this language still spoken today the earlier dialects contain many sacred texts and it has a forty-nine-letter alphabet.

It is a language that looks more like a form of art when seen on the written page.

This is the language that was spoken mainly in South Asia and parts of South East Asia.

It has been around since the 2nd millennia BCE up until 600 BCE where is developed into the Indo-Aryan languages.

#5 Latin
Although not completely dead, there are still uses for it through the medical word and motto’s, etc. There are even some who still use it who are connected to the Vatican.

The language was spoken from around 800 BCE up until 75BCE where it developed into was became known as vulgar Latin giving rise to the “romance languages” such as Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Greek.

The language has contributed to much of the English language and has some roots in medicine, theology and biology


These ancient languages have contributed to much of what we know about our ancient fore fathers.
Even though they are no longer practiced in today’s society they are by no means forgotten as they help unearth the mysteries of forgotten times.

The 5 Easiest languages to learn for a beginner

The 5 Easiest languages to learn for a beginner

Taking the first foreign language course

If you are wanting to learn a language and have only ever spoken or learned your home language or maybe even a second common language that is spoken around you. You don’t want to dive straight in and start learning one of the most complex languages like Mandarin or Japanese. It is best to first try one of the more simpler languages to master.

5 Of the easiest languages to learn

#1 Spanish
One of the most widely used languages in the world and it also ranks as one of the easiest languages to learn.
This language has what is known as a shallow orthographic meaning that the words are mostly pronounced as they are written.

Reading, writing and speaking Spanish is overall easy to accomplish that is not to say you can master it overnight as everything takes practice.

#2 French
French is another widely used language that can be found in a lot of places around the world.

Though not as easy as Spanish to master as a lot of English words are derived from French words making a lot of the French vocabulary similar to that of English.

But this languages pronunciation can be a bit tricky as it has silent letters and substantially different sounding vowels

#3 Italian
This is supposedly one of the most romantic languages of love because of the rhythmic way that most sentences end with vowels.

Its Latin based vocabulary make it similar to a few European languages that are derived from Latin giving it a lot of similarities to English words such as forest is foresta, etc.

As with Spanish this language is mostly spoken as it is written.

#4 Portuguese
This language has become popular over the last few years with the boom of the Brazilian economy.

It is a very expressive language that uses a lot of nasal based sounds some of which make the pronunciation of this language a little difficult at times.

#5 German
Where Portuguese is more expressive German is a very descriptive language that has very guttural sounding words, similar to those in Dutch, which if you are not used to makes it quite a tongue work out.

It also has a lot of four noun endings with rough pronunciations and some very long words.


In order to correctly speak any language is helps to find someone that knows the language and is fluent in reading, writing and speaking it.

When you are with them try using only the language you are learning when conversing with each other this will help you better understand and be able to translate it.

info2 - The 5 Easiest languages to learn for a beginner
Infographic by: daytranslations.com

The 5 most difficult languages to translate

The 5 most difficult languages to translate

Languages can be tricky to learn

Learning any new language can be tricky, a person must not only get the tensing and expressions correct, as these can change the entire meaning of a word, but the pronunciation too. For the person with whom you are conversing to understand you, you have to be able to say the word correctly. Especially if you are wanting to be a translator!

5 Languages translators find difficult

#1 Navajo
Trying to translate this verb centric language of which some sounds have no direct meaning in English makes translation and pronunciation very difficult for a translator.

#2 Japanese
Although a lot easier to speak than Mandarin, another language that uses logograms, Japanese has “three independent writing systems” each has thousands of characters that have to be learned before a person is able to properly and coherently write the language.

The three writing systems are: kanji, hiragana and katakana and they each have a unique alphabet!

#3 Basque
This is a language with many different versions of dialect, in fact there are about five different Basque dialects. Although this language is derived from various other languages it is distinguished by the way it is spoken and written.

Mixed with the varying dialects of this language it makes it difficult to learn and translate in that you have to be sure you are using the correct version of the dialect when translating.

#4 Icelandic
Although not the most difficult language to learn to read and write it is a language that has barely changed since its inception in the ninth century.

Iceland show the eccentricity by rather than adopting the older words to new modern words they form new ones to accommodate them. As it is only spoken mainly by the 400000 people in Iceland unless you actually live there you are not going to keep up with any new terms, words or phrases.

#5 Finnish
The way some pronunciation and letters are formed in Finnish are much like how it is done in English. However, Finnish has a very complex grammar structure which makes it extremely hard to get any of the phrasing and tensing right.


If you are set on being a translator it is advisable to spend time in the countries of the language you are wanting to learn in order to be able to practice the dialect and become comfortable and fluent with the language.

Understandably that is not always possible as travel can be quite costly but in the days of modern technology one has the choice of a variety of books that come with audio solutions and then there are various forums one can join on the internet where people of that country are more than willing to help.

5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak

5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak

5 Of the strangest languages to try and speak

#1 Aymara

1 - 5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak
This is a language from and spoken in the Andes in South America.

This language is spoken by over 3.5 million people who live in Aymara in the Andes and the weird thing about this language is that they reference the past as the future and the future as the past.

#2 Taaor !Xóö

2 1 - 5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak
This is a language that is spoken in Botswana in Africa.

This is one of the African languages that uses clicking sounding words.
Most of the adult Botswana’s eventually develop a lump on their larynx from using the complex array of clicks that make up the tones for their words.

#3 GuuguYimithirr

3 1 - 5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak
This is a language that is spoken Far in the North of Queensland in Australia.

This is an Aboriginal language from which the word Kangaroo comes from.

#4 Archi

4 - 5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak
This is a language that is spoken in Dagestan in Russia.

This language has approximately 1.5 million verb forms for each verb, although not all of them are used in their everyday speech the way the language is formed makes these variables possible.

#5 Chalcatongo Mixtec

5 - 5 Strange languages that hardly anyone can speak
This is a language that is spoken in Oaxaca in Mexico.

This language has been dubbed as the weirdest language in the world to speak as the language is unlike any other and has no interrogative status of either tone, method, particle or intonation.


If you are travelling to a foreign land always check what language they speak as it is always handy to be able to speak a few phrases.

There are many great apps and resources that a person can download off the web and various smartphone app stores that offer a host of various languages.

The 5 most widely used languages in the world

The 5 most widely used languages in the world

The many languages spoken around the world

There are many languages spoken around the world, some more widely used than others and if you are looking to be a translator it is always good to have some of them as one of your spoken languages.

The top 5 widely used languages in the world

#1 Chinese
With over one-billions speakers of Chines this makes it the most widely used language in the world.
Being a language that uses Logograms and is a tonal language it is not that simple to learn but well worth if you can.

#2 Spanish
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and is big throughout Southern, Central and also Northern America.

It is also has strong roots in Spain and is a language to open many continents to the learner.

#3 English
English dominates the globe as one of the language superpowers whereby if people do not use it a first language most learn it as a second one.
#4 Hindi
This language is mainly spoked in parts of Pakistan and northern India and uses denarii scripts. With words such as shampoo, jungle and bungalow deriving from it.

Even learning a few words to help get you by if your are travelling to India will go a long way with the locals who seem to genuinely respect the fact that you are trying to converse with them in their own language.

#5 Arabic
Although this language is used by over two-hundred and fifty million speakers it has many different forms or dialects.

Speakers in one part of the world may have a completely different dialect to those from another part.


If you are going to travel to various countries around the world that do not speak your home language it is always wise to download one of the many useful language tools available across mobile platforms these days.

There are also numerous good books and or dictionaries in case you have no signal where you are or for some reason you no longer have access to your mobile device.

info1 - The 5 most widely used languages in the world
Infographic by: visual.ly